Graphics and Sound

Windows Glulxe can load graphics and sound resources either from within Blorb files or as separate files.

If a Blorb file is loaded into the interpreter, or a Blorb file exists with the same name as the Glulx game file, then graphics and sound resources will be looked for first in that Blorb file.

If Windows Glulxe cannot find a requested resource in the Blorb file (or there is no Blorb file), it will look for a suitably named file in the same directory as the game file. The resource formats currently supported are shown below, along with the filename for which the interpreter will look if the resource is not in the Blorb file (as an example, the filename is for resource number 1):

Format Type Example Filename
PNG image pic1.png
JPEG image pic1.jpg
AIFF sound snd1.aif or snd1.aiff
MOD music mus1.mod
OGGV music mus1.ogg