Windows Glulxe 0.6.1
(Windows Glk 1.53)

Windows Glulxe is an interpreter for Glulx games. Windows Glulxe consists of a core interpreter called Glulxe, and an input/output library, called Windows Glk. Together these two components form the Windows Glulxe package, which has been created by David Kinder.

The latest release of Windows Glulxe is available from the Glulxe page at the IF Archive, which also contains many games that can be played with Windows Glulxe. Development of Windows Glulxe is co-ordinated from Windows Glulxe's GitHub page. For help on how to get started with Windows Glulxe, click here.

Windows Glulxe supports all the features of the Glk and Blorb specifications, including graphics (with alpha blending and gamma correction) and sound (as either samples or music). Windows Glulxe is based on Windows Glk by David Kinder, and Glulxe by Andrew Plotkin. Windows Glk and Glulxe are released under this license.